Welcome And Hello

I just wanted to take a moment and introduce ourselves and our new website GamblingWebsites.com to the world, as you can see we are just getting off the ground and plenty is left to do.

We aren’t quiet about saying we aim to maintain the most unique and diverse listings of gambling sites on the world wide web, I truly believe you will agree.

A lot of planning, years of industry experience, and a tremendous belief in safe, regulated, real money gaming led us to this dream and down this path.

We don’t plan any fancy sales pitches or rely on flashy design to get our message across, we list facts about the gambling industry and display resources we would visit or use ourselves. A pretty loose approach and a laid back attitude is the only way to enjoy the gambling life of leisure, so I don’t plan to get into any internet fights, online bickering, or participating in any scandals or drama related to the industry (there is way more than enough of this going on already). Instead this is just my hand created guide to any websites that are gambling related and hopefully a great value to any of our visitors, however they may have found us.

I don’t have a lot more to say at this time other than I am glad to finally be working on this project and looking forward to involving a research and development team to assist me in unique features like sorting tools, user submitted ratings (we are working on this, just taking an extra close look at how to prevent any shilling or paid recommendations outside of our control).

Major updates are scheduled to launch in early 2012!

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